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Lypossage™ is an all-natural body contouring treatment that will help reshape your figure without invasive surgery. Figure imbalances like cellulite and bulges on the thighs or abdomen respond readily to Lypossage™. If you have been frustrated when trying to ′spot reduce′ areas of your body, you′ll be delighted with the results of this unique treatment.


    Lypossage™ will help you feel as good as you look!

Lypossage™ is designed to help with detoxification and dimension loss in women and is based on the research done by Charles W. Wiltsie from America. His research was based on other research done by other people in Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Massage and Complex Physical Therapy for Lymphoedema. It is the intention of Lypossage™ to promote this modality as a respectful, non-invasive approach to dimension loss, detoxification and to help with diminishing the ′dimpled′ look of the cellulite condition. This is done by making positive yet ′realistic′ claims. It is the intention of Lypossage™ to co-operate with other health care professionals.

Lypossage™ is done with the hands and makes it more personal and adaptable on body and face area. It works through an extremely precise combination of deep tissue and lymphatic drainage modalities. The massage techniques we are using during the massage are: effleurages, deep kneading, skin rolling, tapotements, myofascial massage and compressions.

During the whole treatment it is necessary to drink a lot of water (2-2½  l/day)
Zone I and II are body areas. Zone III is for the face and we call it also a Rejuvenation treatment.

What is a Lypossage™ Master Trainer?
Lypossage™ Master Trainers are trained to work with Massage Therapists and other Health Services Personnel. Lypossage™ Master Trainers are trained by Charles W. Wiltsie, founder of Lypossage™, are well-experienced in the practice of the modality, and know the Alternative Health Services Industry. Once in a year there is a seminar in the States where all the Master Trainers meet each other and discuss the experience in their regions or countries.


Zone I and II is a 2 days seminar during several weekends in spring and autumn.

Zone III is a one day seminar once or twice a year.

Max number of participants is 10

Fees for Haarlem, Holland:

Zone I & II: € 350,00 ex Tax and included Lunch, certificate and registration on this site.

Zone III: € 177,50 ex Tax and included Lunch, certificate and registration on this site.

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